Here is more limit updates.
Maximum video size increased from 40MiB to 50MiB.
Maximum image size increased from 8MiB to 20MiB.
Maximum image resolution increased from 1200x1200 to 15360x8640.

If the amount of data on the instance will grow a lot, I will reduce the resolution limit to 3840x2160.

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I rarely check the Monero wallet (now I will do it more often), so I saw your donations late. Thank you very much!

Finally received VA-11 Hall-A + 2064 Collectors Edition)

@rf Здравствуйте, я ZFS. Не хотите ли поговорить о фрагментации?
P.S. Как такого вообще избежать можно? Про рецепт дефрагментации знаю, но он не удобен и в горячем режиме невозможен.

VA-11 Hall-A

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